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 - Planning and Management Advisory Services to Law Firms -

Since 1985, Coburn Consulting has provided the following services to large and medium-sized law firms throughout the country:

Client Surveys and Interviews Design and administration of written and telephone surveys for client satisfaction assessment, competitive positioning, revenue enhancement, and strategic planning; formulation of client satisfaction standards and benchmarks; development of client relationship enhancement plans and programs.  

Strategic Planning Formulation and execution of strategies for long-range competitive success including future visioning and goal-setting; industry, market, and competitive trends; geographic positioning; practice diversification; partner and practice integration; firm focus and differentiation; competitive positioning; change management; and strategic plan execution.

Mergers and Acquisitions Development of strategies and action plans for geographic and/or platform expansion through merger or acquisition including agreement on merger rationale and benefits; agreement on merger criteria and process; identification of merger/acquisition candidates; assistance with due diligence and strategic fit assessment; participation in merger discussions and negotiations; assistance with merger press and public relations; planning and execution of post-merger integration.

Practice Group Planning Enhancement of practice performance and management including practice group leadership and governance; practice depth and specialization; practice group capability assessment; practice group profitability; practice group strategic and marketing plans; practice group integration and cross-selling.

Partnership Retreats Planning for and facilitation of firm wide, regional office, and practice group retreats including partner and client surveys (see below); retreat planning and design; retreat management and facilitation; consensus-building around firm vision, goals, and strategies; preparation of retreat conclusions and recommendations; planning for retreat follow-up and implementation.

Partner Surveys Design and administration of confidential surveys of partners, associates, and administrative personnel around strategic, administrative, and employee satisfaction issues: quantification of partner sentiment and consensus; incorporation of survey results into firm retreats and strategic planning.

Firm Leadership and Governance Assessment of planning, decision-making, and leadership effectiveness at the firm, regional office, and practice levels including improved organizational and governance structures; leadership training and coaching; internal and external communications; delegation; motivation; and team-building.

Profit Enhancement Achievement of increased revenue-per-lawyer and profits-per-partner – including assessment of firm economics by regional office, practice group, attorney, and client; analysis of key profitability drivers; cost reduction and control; strategies for increased efficiency and productivity; financial and operating performance ratio analysis; and agreement on future financial performance targets and goals.

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