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Selected Articles

Charting your Firm’s Course into the Future”, Legal Administrator, Fall 1986

Charting Your Firm’s Future Course”, Strategies magazine, Legal Marketing Assn., September 2002

Developing Organizational Empowerment”, American Lawyer, December 1995

Do Potential Synergies Actually Lead to Enhanced Revenue?”, Of Counsel magazine, January 2002

Does Your Firm Measure Up? Creating Client Satisfaction Surveys that Make a Difference", Legal Management,  Sept –  Oct, 1998

Fighting Fire with Fire – How Some Firms are Warming to MDPs”, Legal Management, July/August 2000

Gaining Strategic Advantage by Listening”, ALA - Chicago Chapter Newsletter, December 1996

How to Design an Effective Client Survey”, National Law Journal, June 17, 1991

How to make an Ordinary Retreat Exceed Expectations”, Massachusetts Lawyer, April 3, 1995

Is your Compensation System Hindering Your Marketing?”, NALFMA Newsletter, June 1993

Law Firm Management : What’s it worth?Massachusetts Lawyer Weekly, July 2, 1995

Law Firm Planning...the Case for Starting Small”, Legal Administrator, November 1988

Leadership Conduct: How Managing Partners Orchestrate Effective Governance to Drive Success”, Legal Management, May/June 2004

Managing Branch Offices Requires Creative Effort”, National Law Journal, September 28, 1992

Mergers that Click”, Legal Management, May/June, 2001

Merging Firms Ahead – Law Firm Mergers of Equals”, Legal Management, May/June, 1998

Mid-Sized Firms That Took the Merger Plunge”, Of Counsel magazine, January, 2004

Practice Group Planning - The New Frontier”, Legal Management, March 1995

Practice Group Planning: Keeping Strategic Planning Relevant", ALA Advantage,  January 1997

Practice Groups Get with their Own Program First”, Boston Business Journal, January 17, 1997

Recruiting Law Firm Managers from Business”, American Lawyer, September 1988

Surveys Can Forge Consensus”, National Law Journal, April 6, 1992

Taking the Extra Step with Client Surveys”, Boston Business Journal, May 2, 1996

The Administrator Evolution – Challenges for the New Millennium”, Legal Management, Jan/Feb 2001

The Administrator of the 1990s--a New Breed?”, Legal Economics, January 1989

The Administrator’s Quick Reference Guide to Law Firm Strategic Planning” (with S. Brashear), published by the Association of Legal Administrators, 1995

The Changing Role of the Large Firm Administrator”, Legal Management, December 1993

To Merge or Not to Merge – That is the Question”, Capital Connection magazine, ALA, June, 2002

Where Do You Want to Go?”, Legal Management, November/December, 2002



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